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Guarantees and quality



Total reliable accuracy is the fundamental requirement of any translation service. Our Clients depend on us to provide an exact rendering, virtually word-perfect, of the documentation scope being translated into the second language.

The achievement of this level of accuracy is mandatory and is non-negotiable. In order to achieve this level of reliability EPMG implements a full and rigorous Quality Control discipline.

The main Quality Control tool that we employ is our staff and management.

They are selected, not only for their linguistic abilities, but also for their background and knowledge of one, or more, of our core industries.

They all have, within the overall management structure, personal control and responsibility for their specific translation tasks. This generates a pride in the work and the achievements of the Company.

EPMG recommends most strongly to Clients that we use one interpreter on one document. Where, because of size, this is not possible, we would set up an integrated team to handle the task. This is an important Quality Control tool. Every document has an inherent style, or rhythm and it is important that, wherever this is possible, this is carried over to the translation. Every translator has a different style, so a number of translators working on a single document may well lose this continuity.

A fundamental Quality Control tool has to be our Clients. We ask that wherever possible we are appointed in sufficient time for us to meet and liaise with Clients on all aspects of the documentation and their requirements before starting work. Not only do English, Russian and Kazakh have totally different linguistic roots, but it is sometimes not fully appreciated how many differences exist between UK English and US English. The same word may have two totally different meanings in the US and UK, which can cause confusion, or even embarrassment, or the two languages may have two different words for the same thing, or, more importantly, there are major differences in spelling which would indicate the origin of the documentation. It is therefore important that we know our Clients, the location of their companies and, even, where the documentation will be used.

In a perfect world we strive to pass the translations on to our Clients as the work proceeds in order to highlight any ambiguities or uncertainties as they occur, and in time to resolve any resultant problems. If any disputes do arise then EPMG will make every effort to achieve resolution through managerial contact and negotiation.

A final key aspect is the compatibility of software. EPMG works in a global context and although advances in electronic communications have been incredible, we have to be able to talk to each other. Ensuring the continuing compatibility or localisation of software and systems is an ongoing process.

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