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Terms & conditions


Text for translation, sent to Executor, shall be accompanied with the following information:

  • deadline;
  • company glossary, which has to be sent together with application for translation;
  • e-mail or mail addresses where the readymade document should be sent;
  • the format of the readymade document;
  • sequence of documents translation, if there are several texts, which are of big scope and high urgency;
  • instructions on selective translation, in cases where some fragments/footnotes are not required to be translated;
  • what the major attention should be made to: to reflect the essence, or exact translation of terminology or to literature style (if text is purposed for mass media);
  • how to process illustrations, drawings, schemes (if applicable)
  • ho will be the focal point, agency may contact referring technical issues (terminology or layout);
  • which guiding sources could be used (earlier versions of documents, references to web sites etc.)
  • additional comments and instruction: e.g. purpose of translation (presentation, web paging, scientific publication etc), what are the strict requirements for formatting, text indents etc, info on if text has been written by non-native speaker so that such text may have incorrect wording and mistakes, so we will ensure that text is to be corrected etc.

The more detailed and complete the comments and instructions are, interpreters work will be more effective and he/she will be able to concentrate more on translation rather then on formatting.


Terms for translation shall be real, based on calculation of 10-15 pages a day for one interpreter. It is important that a person not only translates but also had time to revise the document If the text contains very specific subject and high importance, so this document will be processes by proper specialist with the knowledge of foreign language. Of course it requires time.

We recommend to our clients (when possible) to use the following rule:  one document one interpreter, as each interpreter has own style. If the document is translated by several interpreters, translate is different in its fragments, in such case tight deadlines do not allow for style equation.

Our agency has form of application for translation, which we recommend to our clients to fill in all details, this application makes life of our specialists easier.

The experience of our team allows to provide execution of task within optimum duration. Moreover, use of Skype, ICQ, e-mail, land lines and mobile communication, and well established project management we guarantee to our Clients comfortable communication within the process.